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Healthcare Expertise


ConAlliance is specialised in advisory services in international mergers & acquisitions (M&A), strategic management consulting and business development for the healthcare industry. All our consultants have broad professional experience and comprehensive expertise in life sciences.

Our clients include life science, pharmaceutical and medical device industry, scientific or diagnostic laboratories, hospitals, private equity houses and other financial investors.


Typical tasks and services comprise:

  • comprehensive M&A transaction services
  • Decision support on strategic priorities
  • Evaluation of markets and competitors
  • analysis of company weaknesses or strengths to consider for M&A planning
  • development and approach to new markets, new products, new target groups or new applications
  • product range extension + ‘bolt on’ acquisitions
  • Identification of new contractors and cost management
  • Expand sales capacity through new distributors or sales channels
  • relocate production plants, outsourcing
  • horizontal integration
  • vertical integration
  • diversification (product or service extension and free-form diversification)
  • product/service extension
  • search-and-screen program
  • valuation and pricing
  • negotiation
  • financing and refinancing
  • structuring transactions
  • etc.


Moreover, ConAlliance has specialised research capabilities at its disposal, in order to identify targets or to attract acquisitive companies.

We are in regular communication with the key decision-makers of healthcare corporations, financial buyers, private family investment groups and intermediaries – in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

ConAlliance provides a mixture of ‘C-Suit’ executives balanced with strong operational leaders to ensure that each transaction maximises the value creation. Our expertise ensures that no matter what size of deal, the challenges are identified early and resolved appropriately, whether it is tax, human resources or legal.



Detailed information on covered sectors


medizintechnik medizinprodukt m&a mergers acquisitions unternehmensverkauf


Unternehmensverkauf Medical Device, Medical Product
krankenhaus klinik m&a mergers acquisitions unternehmensverkauf


Unternehmensverkauf Hospital, Clinic
reha pflege m&a mergers acquisitions unternehmensverkauf   Unternehmensverkauf Special Care, Rehabilitation, Home Care
pharma biotech m&a mergers acquisitions unternehmensverkauf arzneimittel   Unternehmensverkauf Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Biotechnology
labor, diagnostik m&a mergers acquisitions unternehmensverkauf   Unternehmensverkauf Lab, Diagnostics
pharmalogistik pharmavertrieb healthcare IT m&a mergers acquisitions unternehmensverkauf   Unternehmensverkauf Medical Service Companies, Healthcare IT,
space Pharmaceutical Packaging, Distribution and Logistics
cosmoceuticals nahrungsergänzung aromastoffe m&a mergers acquisitions unternehmensverkauf   Unternehmensverkauf Cosmoceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Supplements






M&A Advisors for the Healthcare Industry



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China, Hong Kong +852 8197 90 20
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