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Overview Advisory Services

Corporate Finance


ConAlliance is an independent investment banking firm and corporate financing specialist for the global healthcare industry.

Our team has extensive experience in the equity and debt capital markets:

Unternehmensverkauf Raising seed, start-up, development or expansion capital
Unternehmensverkauf Raising capital for the refinancing and restructuring of businesses
Unternehmensverkauf Financing joint ventures, project finance, public-private partnerships and privatisations
Unternehmensverkauf Secondary equity issues, private placing or further issues e.g. on a stock market
Unternehmensverkauf Debt Advisory


Our professional advice is based on our bank independence, since we neither provide in-house financing nor sell or trade financial instruments. ConAlliance Corporate Finance advisory services include:

Unternehmensverkauf Preparation of the business plan
Unternehmensverkauf Development of strategy and equity story
Unternehmensverkauf Company valuation
Unternehmensverkauf Identification and approach of potential financing partners
Unternehmensverkauf Investment proposal
Unternehmensverkauf Presentation support
Unternehmensverkauf Conducting negotiations
Unternehmensverkauf Support in transaction structuring and closing
Unternehmensverkauf Legal Documentation


ConAlliance provides companies and entrepreneurs with corporate finance advice
to help them solve strategic and financial engineering problems.



M&A Advisors for the Healthcare Industry



UK, London +44 (20) 81 44 36 00
USA, Chicago +1 (312) 38 00 85 0
China, Hong Kong +852 8197 90 20
Germany, Munich +49 (89) 809 53 63 0
Japan, Tokio + 81 50 553931-00